Virtual Dj 8 Free Download

VirtualDJ (out of France, not the Virtual DJ Studio) allows one to complete all of the audio mixing work to get a DJ series on PC. Its strong purpose, intuitive UI can fully fulfill the requirements from several events of live performances — from totally free collections, surrealistic tuning up to multi-channel blending, creating many different unique effects, Virtual DJ functions out it easily for you.

Virtual Dj 8 Free Download

In reality, today it appears that there’s still no other more suitable tools that may do better than Virtual DJ to get DJ beginners or young men who wish to demonstrate their ability at the facet of audio mixing. Just take the quit AtomixMP3 by way of instance, it includes smaller file size and simpler operation. While, additionally, it lacks many features so. Obviously, in case you simply require an easy and lightweight DJ tool, AtomixMP3 remains a much better option.

// Key Characteristics //

  • Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue)
  • Volume controller
  • Pitch control (from -34 into +34 percent)
  • 3 band equalizers with Kill + profit
  • One-click beat matching and synchronisation (fresh FAME algorithm)
  • BeatLock motor: your music will always remain in time, and you will work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ can
  • Automatic beat-matched crossfading
  • On-the-fly automatic BPM calculation
  • Automated pitch fitting
  • Automated level fitting
  • Automatic beat matching
  • Dynamic conquer visualizer for simple drag’n’shed beat-matching
  • Actual scratch simulation

// Use Instructions //

for Content Package:

  • Download and extract the information bundle
  • Input the “Data” folder of mobile variant
  • (for Virtual DJ Skins, samples) Overwrite the complete “VirtualDJ” folder with the new one